City of Trenton, Ohio

Records Commission


Per Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 149.39 the Records Commission must meet once every six (6) months.


Once the Trenton Records Commission reviews and approves the retention schedule, it is forwarded onto the Ohio Historical Society, and the Auditor of the State of Ohio, in accordance with the Public Records Act of 1972 as revised. 


When each record has "expired" in accordance to the schedule, the record is removed from City files and either destroyed or appraised for its historic value. While in the City's possession, all records other than exempted records are available for inspection by the public.


The City of Trenton's Record Release policy can be found at City Hall. 


Certified Public Records Training is available online through the Auditor of the State of Ohio. 

Board Members

Wanda Woodrey

Board Member

Mike Engel

Board Chairperson

Marcos Nichols

Board Member

Nicholas Ziepfel

Board Member

Departmental Records Retention Schedules:



Legal Basis: Ohio Revised Code 149.39 - Municipal Records Commission

The Records Commission is responsible for reviewing retention schedules. Each department has recods retention schedules that specifies the types of records the department handles. The Records Commission also is responsible for reviewing applications for one-time disposal of obsolete records and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by departments. 

The Records Commission per 149.39 of the Ohio Revised Code  is composed of: the City Manager, the City Treasurer, the Law Director, and a citizen appointed by the City Manager.