City of Trenton, Ohio

City of Trenton

Boards, Committes, and Commissions

City Council

The Trenton City Council considers and acts on matters of governmental or utility operations, which involves in the establishment of policy decisions and/or the enactment of legislation.

Hear appeals regarding whether a utility bill was accurately rendered, whether any adjustment should be made for a lack of service, or any other issue where there is a factual dispute, such as a consumer's notice of termination and its effective date.

Hear appeals regarding the refusal of building permits and to permit exceptions to and variations from the zoning regulations in individual cases, and may be required to afford justice and avoid unreasonable hardship to property owners.

Act as an advisory board to the Parks and Recreation Division of the Service Department with regards to recreational programs and facilities.

Adopt rules for appointment and promotion of classified employees; administer Civil Service exams; hear appeals from grievance procedures.

Conduct Studies, surveys, prepare plans, reports, and maps relative to the overall planning of the City and review and report recommendations to coucil regarding zoning ordinances and regulations.

The Records Commission is responsible for reviewing retention schedules, approving revisions to retention schedules, and approving the destruction of any records. 

Hear appeals from any ruling or decision of the Tax Commissioner. 

Review the Volunteer Firefighter Dependent's Funds.