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Special Activity Application

  1. This application is to be filled out for large groups of 10 or more using City of Trenton property for those events such as, but not limited to parades, music events, etc. (Note: At no point can alcohol be served or sold on public property )
  2. Total time is the setup time, event time, and cleanup time.
  3. Is the event for profit?
  4. Is a fee being charged?
  5. Has this event been held in the past?
  6. Will food/beverage be served?
  7. Will there be food preparation at the event?
  8. Will tents be erected?
  9. Tents must be flame retardant certified. Large tents will also require an on-site inspection by the city Service Director. Tent stake locations need to be marked one week prior to the event, after city approval. The Ohio Utilities Protection Service also requires notification before any digging occurs at 800-362-2764.
  10. If requesting a shelter at Community Park, please indicate which Shelter:
  11. Will public parking lots be utilized?
  12. Is it requested to change the traffic flow or block streets?
  13. Are barricades needed or traffic cones needed?
  14. Requesting use of the Community Park Amphitheater?
  15. Will amplification devices be used(speakers or other sound equipment)?
  16. Will electric be required?
  17. Will restroom facilities be needed?
  18. Is water service required?
  19. Will you provide the necessary trash containers?
  20. Are fireworks planned at the event?
  21. Police or Fire services requested?
  22. Public Works Department requested?
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