Forgery, Fraud & Identity Theft

Fraud, forgery, and identity theft affect crime victims in a multitude of ways that can be distressing and overwhelming to resolve. When residents become victims of a crime of this nature, it can affect finances, relationships with creditors and banks as well as the possibility of legal issues that come with having your information used in a negative way. Not only are these types of crime inconvenient for the victims they can be a burden and hassle to navigate through to get resolution. If you are concerned you may have fallen victim to fraud, forgery, or identity theft the first step in this process is to gather as much information as you can from your banks, financial institutions, or credit bureau and make a police report with your local agency right away.


Time can be a factor not only in the initial investigation, but getting the process started to reinstate any money lost in the process. Banks usually require a report on file before they will pursue reversing transactions and taking the steps to protect you from future loss. 


View a list of links that may also assist with gaining additional information regarding these crimes, what you need to do to avoid becoming a victim, as well as steps to take if your information or accounts have already been compromised. The links will be updated shortly.